38 Ruthless MissilesšŸ’„3 Destroyed HIMARSšŸ’„And Hundreds Of FABs | Military Summary

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The Russians launched a major attack on Ukraine, targeting Kryvy Rih, Dnipro, and primarily Kyiv. Various targets were attacked, including Western equipment and military production facilities.

  • The Russians also managed to destroy three HIMARS launchers in the Kherson region. According to Russian reports,
  • Ukrainian attacks in the Kharkiv region have increased, particularly targeting the village of Starytsia.
  • In the direction of Kupiansk, the Russians reportedly advanced towards Petropavlivka according to Ukrainian sources.
  • The Russians repeatedly destroyed pontoon bridges in the region to hinder Ukrainian logistics.
  • In Krasnohorivka, the Russians reportedly advanced about 250 meters along the central football field, and east of Robotyne, they are advancing along the fields.