[ BAKHMUT ] WAGNER REACHES CENTRAL BAKHMUT – Prigozhin geolocated; Wagner fighting over SW exit

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Update from the Bakhmut Front: Prigozhin unexpectedly appear “very near to the frontline”, spelling that the actual frontline is actually lot deeper into Bakhmut that previously expected. As such, reports of fighting has arrive to the central region of Bakhmut.

Fighting continues in the rest of the southern frontlines, while Russian forces continue pushing towards the Avangard Stadium. There is a slight breakthrough along the Mariupolska Street for the Russian side.

Russian forces had made further breakthrough in the Southwest, as they crossed the Korsunskogo Street. Fighting is now reported along Kostyantynivka street and the MiG-17 monument.

In the North, Russian forces continue pushing south, as fighting reaches the Trolleybus Garage while the rear forces completed their clearing operations in the AZOM plant.

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