Beijing refutes NATO smearing, exposes NATO as fanning flame in Ukraine crisis and threatening peace

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AFP: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO members “are also increasingly concerned that China may be planning to provide lethal support for Russia’s war”. What’s China’s comment? 

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Wang Wenbin: On the Ukraine issue, China always stands on the side of peace. We have followed the four principles, called for joint efforts in four areas and shared three observations on Ukraine as outlined by President Xi Jinping, taken an objective and just position, and worked actively to promote peace talks.

It is a known fact that NATO countries including the US are the biggest source of weaponry for the battlefield in Ukraine, yet they keep claiming that China may be supplying weapons to Russia. This is a familiar trick used and exposed soon after the Ukraine crisis broke out. While claiming itself to be a regional defensive alliance, NATO has ignored others’ security concerns, and constantly sought to reach beyond its traditional defense zone and scope, and stoke division and tension. What role has NATO played in the Ukraine crisis? The rest of the world surely has its answer.

We urge NATO to quit groundless speculation and smears against China on the Ukraine issue, grow out of the Cold War mentality of zero-sum game and bloc confrontation, stop instigating antagonism and fanning the flames, and actually do something conducive to European and global peace and stability.

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