Brian Berletic: Behind the Myth of “Billions in Arms” Flowing into Ukraine

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Despite the US and Europe sending “billions in arms” to Ukraine, the quantities and quality of these weapons fall far short of what is necessary to effect change on the battlefield;

  • Javelin missile production, for example is approximately 200 per month, with a 19% hit rate versus 375 armored vehicles produced by Russia monthly;
  • Even if all Javelin missiles produced went to Ukraine (which they do not), it would still fall far short in being able to destroy Russian armor produced over the same period of time;
  • Numbers for TOW missiles and NLAW systems are likewise low, when added together, still are not enough to degrade Russian armor on the battlefield sufficiently;
  • A similar story can be told regarding Western artillery shell and air defense system production;
  • Western rhetoric regarding the renewed flow of US weapons to Ukraine is not based on sound analysis, but is instead propaganda aimed at overriding the catastrophe real analysis says will unfold if this proxy war continues;