Brian Berletic: West Admits Ukraine’s Growing Manpower Crisis + the Evolution of Russia’s FAB-3000 Bomb

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Western media admits Ukraine’s forces are stretched, forcing Kiev to move troops engaged in one desperate battle to another to prevent lines from collapsing;

  • Ukraine’s mobilization is faced by large numbers of Ukrainian men fleeing the country;
  • Ukraine is now resorting to recruiting from prisons;
  • Western arms supplies are admittedly not enough to reach all sections of the Ukrainian front;
  • Moves to secure more Patriot systems do not solve the problem of too few interceptor missiles being produced annually;
  • Additional Patriot missile launchers may allow Ukraine to temporarily disrupt Russian glide bomb operations, but only until Russia eliminates Patriots near the line of contact as it did earlier this year;
  • Initial claims that Russia’s FAB-3000 bomb was impractical have been proven false by a series of strikes using the munition;
  • Russian glide bombs have been steadily improved and built in greater numbers since their appearance in the conflict and will continue to be advanced in quantities, range, and capabilities;