Chinese Army Begins Military Exercises in South China Sea Amid Escalation Over Taiwan

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The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is starting military exercises in the South China Sea on Tuesday amid regional escalation over a potential visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The China Maritime Safety Administration announced that military exercises will be held in the area of ​​the South China Sea, the coordinates of which are indicated on the agency’s website, from August 2 until the end of August 6 local time, in connection with which the entry of all ships into the area will be prohibited.

Details about which types of troops will take part in the drills and what maneuvers are planned were not specified.

The drills come amid rising tensions as reports suggest that an American delegation led by Nancy Pelosi may travel to Taipei during their Asia trip.

China has always been against any contact between Taiwan representatives and high-ranking officials or military leaders from other countries.


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Chinese media has released footage of recent People’s Liberation Army exercises, as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected on a possible visit to Taiwan today. Worries of a Beijing-Taiwan military confrontation are running high.

Chinese military equipment and troops are being deployed to the beaches of the Fujian province, the closest part of mainland China to Taiwan.

Nancy Pelosi’s possible visit to the island is expected today. Coincidence (not).

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