Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos: “anyone who believes Ukraine is winning is a gullible, ignorant fool”

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In his latest appearance on CGTN’s The Heat, Dr Marcus Papadopoulos said that one of the striking features of the war in Ukraine is the wilful distortion by Western governments and Western mainstream media of the reality on the battlefield in Ukraine. He commented that the West is portraying Russia as a third-rate power.

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Dr. Marcus – first segment

Dr Marcus argued that anyone who believes that is a gullible, ignorant fool. Furthermore, Dr Marcus said that “NATO unity” and “European unity” are myths propagated by the Western ruling elites. Also, Dr Marcus said that opinion poll findings of institutes in Europe pertaining to Russia should be discarded because these institutes are neither free nor independent and are, instead, controlled by the Western ruling elites.

Dr. Marcus – second segment
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