Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos: Ukraine defence minister has finally admitted that Ukraine is fighting NATO’s war against Russia

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In this highly insightful interview, Dr Marcus Papadopoulos drew viewers’ attention to the recent admission by the Ukrainian defence minister that Ukraine is fighting NATO’s war with Russia. Furthermore, Dr Marcus explained that a key reason as to why Russia is winning the war in Ukraine and will emerge victorious in the, is on account of the Russian military-industrial complex. Dr Marcus said that Russia’s military-industrial complex, which has its origins in the Soviet period, is tasked with and is capable of sustaining the Russian Armed Forces in a protracted conventional war with the United States of America. According to Dr Marcus, therefore, the Russian military-industrial complex is more than able to sustain the Russian Army in Ukraine. Finally, Dr Marcus pondered how far westwards, in Ukraine, the Russian Army will advance, arguing that, at a bare minimum, the Russians will go as far as the Vinnitsa and Zhitomir oblasts and absorb these into the Russian Federation.

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