EU’s Terrifying Corruption Just Exposed | This Will Kill the Entire Europe Economy

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The European Union is on the verge of a catastrophic collapse. And reports say corruption is shockingly high in the EU Parliament and other European countries.

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Because of this shocking information, many investigative probes have been launched. It also poses a threat to the European Union and the European economy as a whole.

The size and scope of this problem have far-reaching repercussions for people living in all of the European Union’s member states. In fact, predictions show that Europe will experience significant economic and social shocks if they do not act immediately.

Therefore, European leaders and legislators must now act decisively to restore trust in the EU.

Experts say this must be fixed immediately so Europeans can restore their trust in their government to safeguard their interests and shield them from economic disaster.

Public opinion polls in various EU nations have found that their citizens are becoming unhappy with their governments. They also feel that their countries are becoming more corrupt.

Moreover, these findings challenge the long-held belief that corruption is uncommon in Europe.

But the current major scandal exposed widespread corruption. The problem was that members of the European Parliament had been arrested for taking millions of dollars in bribes.

The Belgian Federal Police revealed a photo this month showing the money extorted from the residence of former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri.

What’s more surprising is he photograph was shot from within Eva Kaili’s flat, who served as the Vice President of the European Parliament. Authorities have then stressed that this is only the beginning of the corruption problem.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has advocated holding new elections for the European Parliament’s MPs in the wake of a corruption scandal.

He claims this is the only way people would have faith back in the European Union’s legislative body. In addition, a tweet from Orban suggests the current issue in the European Parliament is revealing.

He said the European Parliament’s promises to combat corruption had failed miserably. And the European Union should disband the European Parliament in order to regain public support.

Moreover, he thinks the European Union needs a new Parliament made up of representatives from different countries.

According to him, this will give this group more legitimacy, responsibility, and monitoring. Furthermore, it will restore authority to EU member states.

President of the European Council Charles Michel also spoke out against the scandal.

He expressed grave alarm over Belgian law enforcement’s criminal activity, money laundering, and corruption accusations. His worries are compounded by the fact that current and past members of the European Parliament are involved.

Now, the World Cup final kicked off in Qatar when this controversy broke out.

This scandal has solidified the perception of the petro-kingdom as a corrupting influence on international crime. It also portrays the European Union as a sleazy clubhouse for disreputable, conceited, and hypocritical Eurocrats.

One of President Emmanuel Macron’s French MEPs, Valérie Hayer, said that the European Union has been mentioned in the news only a handful of times in the past year. This was when the internal combustion engine was restricted, and now there’s a controversy involving government corruption.

Michel said that the common European was not likely to be able to tell the difference between the EU’s three main institutions. These are the European Parliament, the European Council, and the European Commission, which proposes laws.

The scandal cloud will make it extremely difficult for him to “renew the wedding vows of the EU” in the coming year.

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