Even “allies” admit it. UK Intelligence: Russia likely to advance in Bakhmut | Bakhmut semi-encircled as Russian forces attacks Yahidne in the north

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Update from the Bakhmut Front: Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported that Russian forces are now attack the area of Yahidne, one of the 3 settlements around Bakhmut that DPA points out as the vital settlement that will decide the fate of Bakhmut.

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With Pidhorodne fallen to the Russians, Ivanivske being the 3rd of the 3 “keys” to the capture of Bakhmut, things are looking very precarious for the Ukrainian forces. Russian forces are advancing quickly after capturing Klishchiivka, and the frontline might be just a mere 2-3 kilometers south of Ivanivske.

If Russian forces asserts fire control on the major highway running through Ivanivske – Ukraine would have to make a major decision on Bakhmut.

South-west of Bakhmut City, Ukraine MoD again reported fighting near Predtechyne, far ahead of what most pro-Russian sources are reporting – which might suggest that the Russian advance is much greater than reported by pro-Russian sources.

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