‘Everything Is Going According To Plan’┃That’s why Russia Doesn’t Destroy Road Logistics in Ukraine


Recently, I have increasingly begun to see articles by representatives of the expert community that discuss Putin’s cunning plan. Many experts argue that Putin has a cunning plan and a particular strategy that he carefully follows. According to experts, Putin has proven for 20 years that he never starts the game without a bargaining chip up his sleeve. However, in these articles, experts do not describe Putin’s cunning plan but only put forward their own assumptions. In this regard, in this video, I will try to develop this idea and give a logical description of Putin’s cunning plan. So according to the estimates of serious American think tanks, by 2025 China will become so powerful from a military point of view that the United States will no longer be able to win the war against Beijing under any circumstances. According to American think tanks, the US is in a position to defeat China at the moment, but it will not be possible to do so by 2025.

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