France secretly owns 14 countries – colonialism continues…

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France secretly owns 14 countries – Using the #CFA franc system, #France controls the #monetary sovereignty of 14 nations, making up nearly 200 million people.

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France portrays itself as dissociated from neocolonialism, and there are some justifications to back up this claim. Emmanuel Macron, the first French President born after the conclusion of colonial rule, famously denounced the institution as a “crime against humanity.”

During his visit to the University of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, he stated that “I am part of a generation that does not intend to dictate to Africa what to do.” However, despite his declarations, Macron has sustained French paternalism. In a speech meant to condemn neocolonialism, he proclaimed that France “only desires to assist her brothers and sisters to prosper and to aid the African youth in attaining its future.”

During the 2017 G20 summit, he hinted that there was an inherent issue with Africa by insinuating that the continent’s problem was “civilizational.” Such attitudes reflect the underlying mindset that reinforces France’s continued influence in West and Central Africa, which is the most significant obstacle to achieving genuine African sovereignty.

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