Hungary Hops Off ‘Nato Train,’ Calls West’s Escalation of War in Ukraine ‘Hopeless’

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There is no way for the West’s war against Russia to reach victory, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who in a recent interview called the situation “hopeless.”

The only thing that will be accomplished if the bombs continue flying is ever-greater death and destruction in both countries, Orban said. Even if the West is somehow able to achieve “success” at some point, the cost in blood and treasure will be so high as to render the mission a failure.

“The situation looks like the Western world wants to defeat Russia with the help of Germany under the leadership of the United States,” Orban said.

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“I think it is hopeless. And even if we succeed, which is not at all realistic, we will have to pay such a high price that it will not be worth it.”

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NATO caused war with Russia with territory expansion

The war would not even be happening had NATO not expanded its territory right up to Russia’s doorstep, Orban further noted. Russia had no choice but to launch a special military operation, which was followed by a ceasefire proposal that Ukraine rejected.

“In the end, the question is whether Ukraine will become a NATO member or not,” Orban said, noting that Russia will only stop the war if Ukraine gives up its aspirations of joining the Western military alliance.

“This war is about Sevastopol where there will be a NATO flag or a Russian flag at the exit to the Black Sea. The Russians say that the Russian flag is flying there now and they don’t want to change it to a NATO flag, and they don’t want to border NATO countries.”

In separate statements given to Hungarian broadcaster Radio Kossuth, Orban hinted that NATO might be planning to launch a military mission in Ukraine, but that Hungary will have no part of it.

“I have agreed with the NATO secretary general: NATO will have a military mission in Ukraine,” Orban said in that interview, “but Hungary will not participate in it, not even with money.”

Orban also said that Hungary is getting off the NATO “train” of escalation, which is good timing now that Brussels and Washington have greenlighted using Western weapons to attack inside Russian territory, this being one of Moscow’s “red lines” that it told the West not to cross.

“The driver could not be convinced, and now only Trump can stop the train,” Orban said about the upcoming presidential election here in the United States.

Putting pressure on the next NATO chief, Orban said that neither the last nor the next “will put pressure on Hungary” to do something that it does not want to do.

“Orban is the most sensible person over there next to Putin,” one commenter expressed about the situation. “I really hate our government, but my entire family still believes that Putin is very bad and wants to control the world.”

“They cannot get it into their thick heads that we are the ones who want to control the world, not Putin – dingbats! I love them all but I just can’t take much of them.”

“Erdogan will follow – I am sure of it,” wrote another, referring to the head of Turkey joining Hungary in opposing NATO’s continued escalation of war with Russia. “NATO has made the world a more dangerous place. NATO is the aggressor, not Russia.”

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