Liberal Ideological EXTREMISM Is Driving Collective West Into Global Suicide | Prof. Michael Rossi

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We might already be in WWIII, we just haven’t realised it (and named it as such) yet. The collective madness with which the Western elites are pursuing their messianic believe that only their version of a good society is worth living in the first place is driving the Europeans into collective suicide. This has nothing to do anymore with “sleepwalking” into the next mass-killing. We are witnessing the march of the willing straight into the Armageddon they desire.

To discuss this most depressing topic, I’ve got with me today Dr. Michael Rossi, a lecturer at Rutgers University in New Jersey, where he teaches political science and international relations, focusing especially on the connection between culture and politics.

@MichaelRossiPoliSci‬ is also the host of a YouTube channel on which he keeps publishing very valuable primary sources in the form of uncommented speeches and press releases from the Russian state, making those video documents available to many more people in the english language. He also does videos with his own political analysis and I saw that he also started interviewing guests, like the ever-brilliant Professor Nicolai Petro. His channel and work is really something to look out for as he helps us understand current affairs with Russia much better.

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