NATO Expansion To The East⚡️ Russia Responds With Hypersonic | Military Summary

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The Russians were able to retake the areas in the eastern part of Vovchansk according to geolocated videos. There have been no further updates after crossing the Vovcha River.

  • East of Kupiansk, the Russians advanced several hundred meters along the fields. The Russians launched several smaller attacks in the area to tie down Ukrainian ground troops.
  • According to Ukrainian sources, the Russians have advanced further north in Niu York. In the direction of Toretsk, the Russians secured the fields and forest lines directly in front of Druzhba.
  • In Washington, the meeting of NATO states and Ukraine took place. Ukraine had openly communicated that they expected an invitation to the alliance, but this did not happen.
    *However, the F-16s are reportedly already on their way to Ukraine.