NATO is Speechless! Su-57 began Testing the Latest Hypersonic Missile ‘GREMLIN’ in Ukraine!

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The second half of the new year can be considered very rich in the news not only from the battlefield but also in the field of products produced by industrial enterprises of the defense complex of the Russian Federation. Spending a lot of time searching for the truth, I often came across information that Moscow had started another test of its next super weapon.

According to available information, in the area of a special military operation, starting in February 2023, the Russian Ministry of Defense has equipped all 5th generation fighters Su-57 with the latest hypersonic missiles Gremlin. This hypersonic missile is unique in its characteristics. With a sufficiently small size, the hypersonic missile Gremlin is capable of developing a mind-boggling speed of 8,000 km/h and hitting targets at a distance of 1,500 km.

The hypersonic missile Gremlin also has other unique characteristics that are strictly classified. It’s just amazing, but Russian engineers managed to create a hypersonic missile that is easily installed not only under the wing but also in the inner compartment of the 5th generation fighter jet Su-57.

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