NATO Shocked┃Russia received a 2nd Hypersonic System AVANGARD┃The US lost the Hypersonic Arms Race

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While the United States continues to develop and test its own hypersonic missile systems, Russia is supplying its army with advanced hypersonic missile systems already in full swing. So a few days ago, it became known that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation put the second hypersonic missile system ”Avangard” on combat duty. Thus, Russia fully strengthened the “hypersonic” shield against the American nuclear threat and marked Moscow’s convincing victory in the hypersonic arms race. Surprisingly, even Western experts admit that the United States has lost precious time and that Washington has suffered a crushing defeat in the hypersonic arms race. According to statements by the Commander of the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN) Colonel-General Sergey Karakaev, ”at the moment, the ”Avangard” hypersonic missile system is considered the most modern weapon not only in Russia but also around the world.”

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