NATO Testing Waters on Buffer Zone as Ukraine Offensive Grinds to Halt

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Ukraine’s offensive is now at the 4 month mark, exhausting its potential and failing to achieve any of its objectives;

  • The Western media admits that Russia has actually gained more territory this year including during the Ukrainian offensive despite being on the defensive;
  • Russia continues degrading a variety of Ukrainian military capabilities the West cannot sufficiently replace while maintaining pressure along the line of contact;
  • Both the Russian economy and its military industrial base are admittedly growing while Ukraine and its Western sponsors exhaust their stockpiles, lacking the ability to renew them;
  • The West continues talking about building military industrial projects within Ukrainian territory, with the UK recently claiming they may send British troops to “train” Ukrainians in Ukraine;
  • This appears to be the foundation for creating a “buffer zone” within western Ukraine, similar to the US-Turkish occupation in Syria, meant to freeze the conflict;
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