Niu-York Front Is CollapsingšŸ’„3 Destroyed Air Bases In 2 Days | Military Summary

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The Russian armed forces have maintained their focus on airfields following the attack on the airfield in Mirgorod. A MI-24 helicopter was destroyed at the Poltava airfield, and a Su-25 was destroyed at the Kryvih Rih airfield.

  • According to Ukrainian sources, the Russians have made further territorial gains towards Makiivka and are attacking the village from two directions.
  • In the direction of Toretsk, there is visual confirmation that the Russians are already present on the first street of the village of Druzhba. Another video shows that the Russians have advanced into the Citadel in Pivnichne and have established a foothold there.
  • South of Niu York, the Russians advanced several kilometers and are now 1.5 km from the center of Niu York.
  • In Krasnohorivka, the Russians advanced 400 meters and captured more residential buildings in the west.
  • North of Staromaiorske, the Russians stormed additional positions and established positions on the northern edge of the forest.