Norway is Trembling with Fear┃Oslo is sure that Russia will avenge the Nord Stream Pipelines

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After the sensational statements by the American journalist Seymour Hersh and the German journalist Thomas Röper that it was the United States that blew up the Nord Stream gas pipelines and that Norway also actively took part in these events, the world community began to ask uncomfortable questions that irritate not only Washington but also Oslo.

Recently, deputy head of the foreign Norwegian Intelligence Service Lars Nordrum said that his country is afraid of revenge by Russia. Norwegians think that in the light of revelations regarding the sabotage at the Nord Stream Pipelines, in which their country turned out to be involved, Russia may encroach upon Norwegian oil and gas facilities. And will commit an act of sabotage.

Well-known American investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, wrote an article about how the U.S. was involved in the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines. China Media Group interviewed U.S. protesters on Sunday in Washington, D.C. who believe the article to be true

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However, the representative of the Norwegian special services made a reservation that it is unlikely to expect retaliatory sabotage from Russia in 2023. According to him, a similar incident may occur later. The Norwegians are sure that Russia is now too busy with Ukraine and will not aggravate the situation on other fronts.

Nevertheless, Oslo is confident that sooner or later Moscow will take revenge, although before this incident there were no direct conflicts between Russia and Norway, apart from disputes over Svalbard and the polar shelf. But how did Norway end up in such a delicate situation?