Poland’s Plea For Zelensky To Condemn Bandera’s Genocide Of Poles Is A Pre-Election Stunt

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The only reason why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesman would plead for this to happen is because the ruling “Law & Justice” party is carrying out a stunt to prevent genuine conservative-nationalists from “defecting” to the anti-establishment Confederation party during this fall’s national elections.

Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukasz Jasina pleaded on Friday for Zelensky to condemn Stepan Bandera’s genocide of Poles in order to remove what he described as an obstacle that “blocks many joint initiatives.” The Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland furiously reacted to this by condemning Warsaw’s alleged attempt to “impose on the President of Ukraine or on Ukraine what we must about our common past” (sic) in a tweet that was later deleted.

Poland knows fully well that Zelensky will never condemn Bandera’s genocide of Poles. Hitler’s fascist collaborator is nowadays revered by that Western-installed fascist regime as Ukraine’s “founding father”. Literally tens of thousands of that country’s men have fought and died in his name over the past 15 months so it’s politically impossible for Zelensky to condemn anything that he ever did. Doing so would spell the end of his presidency since he’d risk being overthrown by the military and/or secret police.

The only reason why Jasina would plead for this to happen is because the ruling “Law & Justice” (PiS) party is carrying out a stunt to prevent genuine conservative-nationalists from “defecting” to the anti-establishment Confederation party during this fall’s national elections. This demographic, which is regarded as PiS’ base, is disgusted that the party sold out their principles since the start of the NATO-Russian proxy war via its radical “Ukrainization” policies.

Welcoming millions of Ukrainians, subsidizing their stay with taxpayer funds, prioritizing their welfare over local Poles’, and encouraging these new arrivals to apply for permanent residency and even citizenship in some cases has drastically changed their country’s society in just one-and-a-quarter years. Even more alarming was President Andrzej Duda’s innuendo last May during his trip to Kiev that these countries plan to de facto merge into a confederation as part of Poland’s regional hegemonic plans.   

The Confederation party opposes all of this and advocates a return to genuinely conservative-nationalist policies in pursuit of their country’s objective interests. This doesn’t make them “anti-American Russian puppets” like some in the media are falsely smearing them as, but pro-Polish patriots. Of particular concern to them is PiS giving Kiev’s fascist regime a blank check in all respects, let alone without having first secured an official apology and possibly even reparations for Bandera’s anti-Polish genocide.

This is considered by them and their supporters to be a betrayal of the most basic national interests, with their interpretation of everything increasingly gaining appeal among genuine conservative-nationalists. In the face of this emerging electoral challenge, PiS ordered Friday’s stunt in an unconvincing attempt to show the party’s base that they’re supposedly trying their best to get Zelensky to meaningfully make historical amends as gratitude for everything that Poland has done for him so far.

Zelensky is anything but grateful though, as even Biden himself reportedly told his Ukrainian counterpart in the past per the Washington Post’s report from last fall, which any objective observer already realized long ago. The only way to get him to do anything in exchange for aid is to threaten to withhold it unless he complies with whatever is demanded, but even in the far-fetched scenario that PiS became desperate enough to win the next elections that it ends up doing so, it likely wouldn’t succeed in this case.

This prediction is predicated on the role that Bandera plays in his fascist regime’s legitimacy and his personally as its president, both of which would be lost in the event that he condemned Ukraine’s “founding father”. Furthermore, any ultimatum from PiS for him to do so in order to continue receiving his blank check from them would almost certainly be leaked to the press by his circle to portray Poland as “opportunistic” and “unreliable”, thus risking the US’ retributive meddling in the elections.

For these reasons, Jasina’s plea to Zelensky shouldn’t be taken seriously but as a pre-election stunt by the ruling party to prevent the “defection” of enough genuine conservative-nationalists from their ranks that they’re then forced to enter into a coalition with Confederation after this fall’s vote. As shocking as it may seem at first glance, the power relationship between Poland and Ukraine is tilted in the latter’s favor since it continues being funded by the former as proxies against Russia despite its anti-Polish policies

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