Poll: Support For Further US Involvement in Ukraine Collapses When Americans Told it Risks War & Economic Hardship

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A new poll finds that Americans’ appetite for further US involvement in Ukraine collapses when they are informed about the risks of more economic hardships and World War III.

A Fox News story about the poll, which was also conducted by Fox News, buried the most interesting results to push the narrative that America should become more deeply embroiled in the war.

While 78 per cent of respondents expressed support for America to provide Ukraine with “substantial military aid” in the form of military equipment, that figure shrinks to just 36 per cent if it risks war with Russia.

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In addition, 80 per cent of Americans support further economic sanctions against Russia, but this number drops to just 44 per cent when respondents include the proviso that this will lead to “higher prices and financial hardship for Americans.”

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A Yahoo News/YouGov poll released last week found similar results, with a plurality of Americans supporting a no fly zone over Ukraine but opposition to that doubling when respondents are informed that this would mean the U.S. military shooting down Russian planes.

“Polls would likely shift even further against intervening if Americans were informed how the exact same neocons who got us into the war in Iraq are guiding the Biden regime behind the scenes and are intervening in Ukraine, in their own words, to foment an “insurgency” as part of a US proxy war with Russia,” writes Chris Menahan.

The poll results are rather depressing given that they highlight the fact that many people have completely lost their critical thinking skills.

The participants have to be told of the consequences of military escalation by an authority figure (the pollster) before they are able to manifest a fully informed opinion.

One would hope that the vast majority of Americans would already understand that further destabilization means higher gas and food prices, as well as a heightened risk of global conflict, but apparently that’s not the case.

This again underscores how people are so easily manipulated into supporting ‘the current thing’ based on fleeting feelings of moral superiority and wanting to follow the herd, without even considering the long term consequences.

As we highlighted yesterday, another poll found that vaccinated people are far more likely to risk World War III over Ukraine by supporting aggressive measures against Russia, while unvaccinated people are more likely to support diplomatic measures.

This again suggests that many of the same people who blithely supported lockdowns, mask wearing and engaged in vitriolic denunciations of anyone who questioned the safety of vaccines have merely flipped a switch in their brains and transferred all that tribalist ideological obedience over to the Ukraine war narrative.

Source: https://tinyl.io/5wtA