Putin dubs Germany a ‘U.S-occupied’ state – ‘Berlin Unable To Act Independently’ | Putin flays NATO Nations U.S., Germany for Nord Stream blasts, rejects Ukraine role theory

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Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has launched a blistering attack on Germany. Putin said that Germany is still ‘occupied by Americans’ and unable to act independently decades after the country surrendered following World War II. The Russian President made the remarks in response to a question on Nord Stream explosions in an interview on Russian state television.

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Western countries, including Germany, have reacted cautiously to probe into the blasts which hit Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipelines last year. Germany said the Nord Stream blasts were deliberate acts, but refused to say who they believed was responsible for the attacks which even impacted them. Nord Stream sham is not alone responsible for Putin’s fiery attacks on Germany. The Russian President sees Germany’s tank aid to Ukraine as an ‘ungrateful’ act.

In his first response to reports citing Ukraine’s role in Nord Stream gas pipelines’ blast in September last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin has lambasted NATO nations, the U.S. and Germany. Dismissing the claims in NYT report and by German media as ‘sheer nonsense,’ Putin said “The terrorist act, quite obviously, was committed at the state level, because no amateurs can commit such an action.”

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