Putin’s ‘Hidden Message’ Shocked the West┃The Rules of the Game Have Changed

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I was looking forward to the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin and my expectation was fully justified, I was not wrong – this time Putin still gave a lot of headaches to Russia’s former partners. I expected several things from Putin’s speech. In particular, restrictions on resources for the United States and the European Union – however, I received much more than I expected. To make it easier for you to understand what I’m talking about is necessary to get acquainted with a little background. And this background begins in an ancient city called Kyiv, where Grandpa Joe arrived two days ago to meet with the President of Ukraine. Grandpa brought to Ukraine not only symbols of support and rays of Western goodness but also the idea to end this whole farce as soon as possible. Roughly speaking, Biden brought to Kyiv the plan of his national security adviser Jake Sullivan called “Peace in exchange for territories” – according to this plan, Kyiv, to at least somehow preserve the sovereignty of the country, must agree to everything that the damned ‘Kremlin Tyrant’ asks.

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