Russia Forced the U.S. to Retreat┃Washington Agreed to Moscow’s Demands to Destroy All Chemical Weapons

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It’s just unbelievable. What is happening before our eyes makes it clear that times have already changed dramatically and that the geopolitical chessboard is rapidly changing its appearance. Looking through the admiring publications of experts from the eastern and western hemispheres of our planet, it becomes clear that Russia has won an important victory over the United States.

According to experts, the fact that the 46th US president was forced to promise to destroy all US chemical weapons stockpiles by the fall of 2023 indicates that Moscow triumphed over Washington. Of course, it will be difficult for ordinary people to understand what we are talking about and why the US president’s promise to destroy the stocks of American chemical weapons is not only a defeatist sign but also a factor in the final loss of Hegemon status.

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