Russia sent its Newest ‘TANK KILLERS’ to Ukraine┃ATGM ‘Chrysanthemum-S’ shocked the PENTAGON

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It became known that Russia began to test its latest anti-tank systems in Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about a modernized version of the land-based anti-tank missile system ‘Chrysanthemum-S’, which has been used on the battlefield since the very beginning of hostilities. Against the background of the loud advertising squeal of the Western media about the innumerable merits of the American anti-tank weapon Javelin and the Anglo-Swedish NLAW, the journalists of the same Western media are trying to bypass the discussion of the Russian land-based anti-tank missile system ‘Chrysanthemum-S’, which was recognized by all military experts as the most powerful anti-tank weapon. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (as of November 24, 2022), more than 7,000 tanks and armored vehicles from NATO countries were destroyed on the battlefield. According to military experts, the Russian army was able to achieve such impressive results mainly thanks to the anti-tank missile system ‘Chrysanthemum-S’.

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