Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin’s interview: the problems started many years ago, when the US believed Russia was getting too strong

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The Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin’s interview to Rima Maktabi on Al Arabiya News, 22 February, 2023

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Main topics:

▪ The current status of the Russian – UK relationship
▪ Conflict in Ukraine
▪ UK support to Ukraine

Ambassador Andrei Kelin’s key statements:

▪ The Kremlin is ready for peace talks at “any moment … Peace talks started in April last year, but then the US and the UK decided that Ukraine should fight and they just stopped them, and the president of Ukraine has made a decree that there will not be peace talks at all. We cannot understand this.

▪ Ukraine has become a real danger for Russia … It has a big military potential, and we have to reduce this.

▪ The Special Military Operation will continue until its goals will be achieved … The common goal is to stop the discrimination and killing of Russians in Donbass … For 8 years, the West chose not to see Kiev regime’s hostilities against the Russia-speaking population in the east. Meanwhile, those people were being discriminated, shelled and killed.

▪ We have already destroyed all tanks that have been in Ukraine before, we have destroyed all tanks that have been sent from different countries … We are going to destroy new tanks when they arrive, as well as the jets.

▪ The frontline is now more or less stable, but we have to go further because AFU continue to shell Donetsk.

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