Russian Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile ‘BUREVESTNIK’ continues to Shock the PENTAGON

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Information about a promising Russian Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile of a global range – 9M730 Burevestnik (also known in the West as SSC-X-9 Skyfall), which appeared in March 2018 on the pages of the world’s leading news agencies, immediately acquired the status of sensation. And although the first reaction in the West was quite expected in the form of heart-rending screams of so-called Western experts and numerous negative comments from trolls who do not understand anything about military equipment, people in the Pentagon, accustomed to thinking and analyzing everything, were seriously puzzled by this newest Russian weapon.

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And when new information about the ”Burevestnik” Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile appeared in the public domain in the fall of 2020, professional analysts and serious experts of the North Atlantic Alliance felt helpless confusion, combined with anxious puzzlement, replaced by panic and a permanent headache.

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