Russians Crossed Vovcha RiveršŸ’„The Pokrovsk Front is Crumbling | Military Summary

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The Russians managed to advance to the Vovcha River and enter the southern part of Vovchansk after fierce battles. Fighting is currently taking place there, but no detailed information on changes on the ground is available.

*North of Glyboke, the Ukrainians advanced 250 meters. A video from the Kherson region shows that two Ukrainian HIMARS MLRS were destroyed.
*The direction of Kupiansk remains very active, with the Russians making further advances in Pishchane.
*Ukrainian sources report that the Russians are gaining ground in the direction of Pokrovsk at many individual front sections. This is currently the most active area with the most intense fighting. The Russians’ clear objective is Pokrovsk.
*According to Ukrainian reports, the Russians control the Ukrainian supply route between Kostyantynivka and Vuhledar.