SOUTH AFRICA touts JAMIACA joining BRICS+ In delight to China’s Xi Jinping

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It began with strengthening ties when South Africa personally invited Prime Minister Andrew Holness to attend and take part in the 10th BRICS Summit, which was scheduled for July 25–28 at the Sandton International Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Prime Minister Holness was the first Head of Government from Jamaica and the Caribbean to attend the BRICS Summit thanks to the historic invitation.

The invitation was extended to Prime Minister Holness in his formal capacity as CARICOM Chairperson.

Prime Minister Holness expressed appreciation for the invitation in his letter of acceptance.

Prime Minister Holness remarked, “I welcome the chance to present viewpoints of the Caribbean to the Conference.

At the BRICS Plus meetings, the prime minister took part in the conversation.

They decided to take into consideration a BRICS Plus Initiative in order to provide the greatest possible synergy between South Africa’s Chairmanship of BRICS. As leaders of Regional Economic Communities in the Global Community and the United Nations, South Africa extended invitations to the presidents of Argentina, Indonesia, Egypt, Jamaica, Turkey, and Indonesia. It also extended invitations to the secretary-general of the United Nations.

The sub-theme “Securing sustainable and Inclusive Development for the Prosperity of the Global South” includes the BRICS Plus Initiative. In addition,

Prime Minister Holness passed up the chance to have private conversations with numerous leaders during his visit to the BRICS member states’ meeting.The Jamaican government spoke out in favor of the Developmental Bank being run by the BRICS. A BRICS Bank would be beneficial for Jamaica, according to Senator Arnold Joseph Nicholson, the country’s minister of foreign affairs and foreign trade, who met with Dr. Rob Davies, the minister of trade and industry, at a bilateral meeting in Jamaica today.

The establishment of a BRICS Development Bank is one of the major decisions anticipated to result from the fifth BRICS Summit, which will be held in South Africa in March of next year. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are the five emerging economies that make up the BRICS acronym.
The two ministers concurred that the BRICS Bank should be involved in securing funding for infrastructure and sustainable development initiatives in the BRICS and other emerging economies and developing nations (EMDC). They added that the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund were not meant to be replaced by the Bank. They assert that the Developmental Bank, which is led by the BRICS, will complement the two organizations.

According to Minister Davies, the value of South Africa’s membership in BRICS extends beyond the country itself to include emerging markets throughout Africa.Nicholson went on to say that Jamaica was pleased to be connected with South Africa and that the Caribbean Community and Common Market (Caricom) was a priority for the country. Caricom, a group of 15 nations in the Caribbean Sea, includes Jamaica as a member.

“You will become the BRICS chairperson in the upcoming year, and it appears to me that you are not just considering South Africa in terms of its historical practices. You want trade to become more diverse and possibilities to grow. Jamaica and the Caricom region fall under that category of opportunities, which pleases us, said Minister Nicholson.
Minister Davies is in Jamaica for a two-day visit to talk about bilateral commercial relations. The two ministers also decided that a business team from South Africa would visit Jamaica at some point in 2019.
In the BRICS+ framework, South Africa and Jamaica have developed strong ties in recent years.

Senator Hon. Kamina Johnson Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, traveled with the Prime Minister.

With the heads of state and government of the BRICS, the BRIC Plus countries, and the UN Secretary General, the Prime Minister specifically attended the BRICS plenary session and the BRICS Plus Summit. While many third-world countries are facing growth challenges, South Africa and the BRICS extended an invitation to Jamaica to join the BRICS+ framework. However, NEWS FROM CHINA reported that Zee Jinping stated PROBLEMS WON’T HALT BRICS PROGRESS AT ALL.

Following that BRICS summit with Jamiaca in attendance, the BRICS Policy Center was later developed, in collaboration with its partner institutions, a program of articles exchange that resulted in columns that would be published on the BPC website. These institutions will eceive and publish the papers that the BRICS Policy Center sends to them, and we will publish any articles they submit.

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