The Heat | Concentration Of Forces In Sumy | US Raises Stakes | Complete FAB Dominance | Military Summary

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The Ukrainian armed forces are currently concentrating many brigades in the Sumy region, suggesting that they are anticipating something. Additional troops have also been relocated from Poltava to the Kharkiv direction, and another tank brigade has been moved towards Lyptsi.

  • In Vovchansk, the Ukrainians managed to advance about 100 meters in the northeastern part. East of Vovchansk, the Russians apparently eliminated a large concentration of Ukrainian ground troops with several FAB bombs, as these troops were planning to attack westward to free the supply route into Vovchansk.
  • Overall, the Russians are intensifying their attacks with FAB glide bombs, and many videos are emerging.
  • In the directions of Avdiivka, Vuhledar, Toretsk, and Krasnohorivka, the Russians advanced several hundred meters.