The Luciferian globalist playbook to exterminate the human race decoded!

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– NYC grocery stores are locking up food due to rising retail theft

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– Food retailers are FLEEING blue cities as crime skyrockets

– Foster Farms sounds alarm over MILLIONS of cattle and chickens about to STARVE due to lack of grain shipments via rail

– US rail system is collapsing, and deliveries of food and fertilizer are deliberately disrupted

– Houston hero who shot violent armed robber subjected to grand jury

– Brought to you by Pfizer

– Predictions and warnings that alt media NAILED

– What’s going to happen next:

– Russia to launch major offensive against Ukraine and NATO

– Controlled demolition of the debt-based fiat currency system

– Accelerated dismantling of the energy infrastructure to impoverish humanity

– Geoengineering (weather weaponization) unleashed to destroy the food supply chain

– Humans to be replaced by AI systems, followed by AI humanoid robots (terminators)

– The big COSMIC picture of humanity being targeted for extermination

0:00 Intro

4:40 Breaking News

29:25 Luciferian Globalist Playbook

35:10 Australia

38:08 Russia

44:55 Energy Infrastructure

52:10 AI Systems

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