The Russians Seized Kanal | Zelensky Refused Orban’s Peace Deal | Military Summary

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*In a Russian missile attack on the airfield in the Ukrainian city of Mirgorod, the Russians destroyed five SU-27s and damaged two more SU-27s.

*In Vovchansk, the Russians still seem to be located in the aggregate plant and the first high-rise buildings of the Citadel, as confirmed by geolocated videos. Another FAB-3000 was dropped in Stary Saltiv, and it appears that the Russians have resolved the accuracy issue.

*In Chasov yar, Russians secured entire Kanal mikrodistrict, making this perfect staging point for advancing into central Chasov Yar. *North of Bohdanivka, the Russians advanced about 2 km north. The most active area is currently Avdiivka. The Russians advanced up to 2 km along several front sections through the fields. According to reports, Yaznobrodivka is already under Russian control.

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