The West is Desperately Hiding This from The PUBLIC – The west is doomed! Get Ready for the SHOCK

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I have discussed many times the topic of the numerous problems that the collective West has acquired from the uncontrolled printing of currency, which allowed it to maintain a high standard of living and exert economic influence on the rest of the world.

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Today, I will briefly touch upon the relations between the countries included in the “golden billion” and at the same time, I will not forget to touch on the second important component through which the collective West was able to subjugate other countries – its military power.

As usual, I’ll not give unnecessary figures but will convey only the essence of what is happening. The core of the collective West is Europe. If we take a look at the World map, we can see that European countries represent only a small part of the rest of the world, and they are not very important from an economic point of view.

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