Trump’s Peace Ultimatum | The Russians Captured Rozdolivka | Military Summary

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During the night, the Ukrainians intensified their attacks on the Russian city of Belgorod. Additionally, a Russian ammunition depot north of the Kupiansk front on Russian territory was destroyed by a drone.

  • There were rumors that the Russians shot down a Global Hawk reconnaissance drone over the Black Sea, but it landed in Italy after several hours.
  • In Vovchansk, the Ukrainians reportedly advanced about 200 meters eastward.
  • In the direction of Siversk, the Russians launched a ground offensive with several armored vehicles, but the current situation is unclear.
  • In Krasnohorivka, according to a Ukrainian source, the Russians have already secured half of the high-rise buildings in the east, which could lead to an encirclement for many Ukrainian soldiers further east of the high-rises.
  • The Russians also advanced north of Sokil along the fields. In Toretsk, there was the first visual confirmation that the Russians are advancing towards the village of Druzba.