Tucker Carlson: Mainstream Media Works For Small Group Of People Who Actually Run The World

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson joined the Fullsend Podcast this weekend for a wide-ranging discussion, including a brief rant about the current state of U.S. news media.

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Prefacing his comments by explaining he grew up in the media and that his father was a media member, Carlson said, “The revelation that has changed my life is the media are part of the control apparatus.”

“What if you’re me and you’ve spent your whole life in that world?” Carlson asked. “And to look around at all this and you’re like, oh, wow. Not only are they part of the problem, but I spent most of my life being part of the problem, defending the Iraq war. Like, I actually did that. Could you imagine if you did that?”

The Fox host said supporting the Iraq war was among his top regrets, including not being more skeptical and calling people names like “conspiracy theorists.”

Next, Carlson told the Fullsend hosts the media “are not here to inform you.”

“Even on the big things that really matter like the economy and war and Covid and things that really matter that will affect you. No! Their job is not to inform you, they are working for the small group of people who actually run the world. They’re their servants, they’re their Praetorian Guard and we should treat them with maximum contempt because they have earned it,” he stated.

During another portion of the interview, Carlson talked about how the NSA hacked his private messages and prevented him from planning an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He admitted the surveillance was “intimidating” and that he “was freaked out” by the intrusion of privacy.

Later, the topic of UFOs was brought up and the Tucker Carlson Tonight host described a call he received from a top doctor saying over 100 American servicemen have been killed by the unidentified objects.

After going into detail about the doctor’s claims, Carlson said many experts believe the flying objects are coming from oceans.

“So, the conventional view is they’re coming in from outer space,” he said. “There’s not actually a lot of evidence, you know something enters the atmosphere, we can see it on satellite and there’s not any evidence of that. Maybe it’s happening, but we don’t know that it is. There’s a lot of evidence these things are coming out of the ocean, including videotape.”

Watch the full podcast below:

Source: MSM Works For Small Group Of People Who Actually Run The World – Tucker (infowars.com)

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