Twitter Files 14 – Russiagate Lies: The Fake Tale Of Russian Bots & #ReleaseTheMemo

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Author and journalist Matt Taibbi released the fourteenth edition of the Twitter Files on Thursday, this thread focusing on the lies of the Russiagate hoax.

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Taibbi begins by explaining how Democrat politicians were upset that Twitter couldn’t find any proof of Russian bots promoting stories countering the establishment narrative that there was Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Continuing, the thread thoroughly details how liberal politicians ignored Twitter employees warning them they could end up looking bad if they publicly claimed Russian bots were promoting the anti-establishment angle without proof.

While the internal conversations provided in the thread prove Twitter employees knew the Russian bot claims were false, the company failed to publicly denounce the Democrat accusations.

With Twitter seeming to go along with the claims of Democrats, mainstream media followed suit and pushed the Russian bot fable without proof.

Mainstream outlets and Democrat politicians who feverishly pushed the phony Russia narrative did not answer Taibbi’s request to comment on this breaking story.

In conclusion, he wrote, “The Russiagate scandal was built on the craven dishonesty of politicians and reporters, who for years ignored the absence of data to fictional scare headlines.”


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