Ukraine Army ‘runs out’ of munitions to fight Russia in Bakhmut; ‘Very Painful,’ says Zelensky | Putin tears into West’s peace proposal; Russia seizes Ukrainian tanks ammo | Watch MLRS in action

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Russia’s is showing no let-up in its attacks on Bakhmut, forcing Ukraine Army to be on their toes at the frontline.

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Volodymyr Zelensky has described the situation in East Ukraine’s Donetsk region as ‘very tough and painful.’ His ground forces however, won’t be able to hold the Bakhmut fortress for long. “In general, there are no shortages in our line of defense, but we need more munitions, more weapons. The major issue is munitions,” said Nikita Shandyba, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Army’s 10th Mountain Assault ‘Edelweiss’ Brigade.

Emil Cosman: “No conditions for peace, only war is possible.” The war goes on, Russia says.

The Kremlin has hit back at the U.S.-led West after former head of Munich Security Council suggested the leaders to start thinking about the peace process. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that there was no condition for peace currently and that the only option left with Russia to achieve its goals was militarily.

Meanwhile, the Russian defence ministry released a dramatic footage of the GRAD MLRS in combat action. The video shows Russian troops striking Ukrainian targets with precision fire and destroying their strongholds at the frontline. Watch this video for more updates from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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