Ukraine War Is LOST! Ex-Military Adviser To Angela Merkel Speaks Out | Dr. Erich Vad

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The military situation for Germany is not only bad, it’s a catastrophe after the failed NATO proxy-war against Russia in Ukraine. Many people do not realise what the situation actually means for one of Europe’s largest industrial nations. In this talk, Dr. Erich Vad exposes in detail the many flaws of German and European security.

Dr. Erich Vad was an advisor for security and defense policy in the Bundestag from 2000 to 2006, and from 2006 to 2013, he was a department head in the Federal Chancellery, Secretary of the Federal Security Council, and military advisor to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Recently, Dr. Vad authored a new book in German titled “Abschreckend oder erschreckend? Europa ohne Sicherheit” (“Deterring or Frightening? Europe Without Security”) and it is a book with a clear message: Europe must strengthen its military and achieve economic emancipation. Germany should be a driving force in this effort.

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While I do not fully or even partially agree with some of Mr. Vad’s recommendations, I find his analysis of current events very worthwhile, as it comes clearly from realism, coupled with strong military considerations for European security.