Ukrainian Defense In Pishchane And Niu York Has Collapsed⚔️ Military Summary

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In the direction of Kupiansk, heavy fighting is currently taking place around the villages of Pishchane and Makiivka.

  • According to Ukrainian sources, the Russians have captured large parts of the fields north of Novoselivka Persha. The village is at risk of being encircled, as the Russians are now less than 1 km away from the first houses of the village from several directions.
  • Activities around Toretsk are also increasing again. The Russians have apparently advanced about 500 meters into Pivnichni and captured the northernmost high-rise building. It is currently unclear from which direction the attack came.
  • The Russian Ministry of Defense also reported that the village of Chigari was captured in this direction.
  • In Niu York, the Russians are also making progress. A video of a Ukrainian counterattack shows that the Russians are close to the center of Niu York.
  • Additionally, it has been reported that the Ukrainians have relocated the 32nd Brigade from Sumy to Toretsk, indicating the critical situation of the Ukrainians in this area.