Ukrainian Nazi Paraphernalia & Western Combat Instructions & Munitions Found In Mariupol Plant

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When in the Donetsk People’s Republic recently, I visited the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works plant, a sprawling Mariupol plant which was secured in mid-April last year, when over 1,150 Ukrainian Marines surrendered or were captured by Russian forces. Even now, sappers work to clear the vast plant which Ukrainian forces littered with left behind explosives, as well as boobytraps, tripwires and mines.

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Boobytrapping areas they fled from is something Ukrainian troops did elsewhere in Mariupol, including in apartment blocks. It’s something terrorists in Syria likewise did, both with the intent of killing or maiming still more civilians, as well as soldiers—but given that such explosives were left in doorways and areas of homes civilians wouldn’t think to be boobytrapped, these were particularly insidious acts of terrorism by both the Western-backed terrorists in Syria and the Western-backed Ukrainian forces and Nazi battalions in the Donbass.

Also found at the plant were still more evidence of Ukraine’s Nazi problem, paraphernalia from the Misanthropic Division & Azov Battalion, as well as US& Canadian Anti-sniper Fighting instructions, a US combat manual, and a UK Advanced Surveillance and Reconnaissance Course. Some were in both Ukrainian & in English.

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