Ukrainians Are Losing Tanks In ECHELONS | The Defense Of Pokrovsk Collapsed | Military Summary

  • In Vovchansk, the Russian operation to storm the Citadel is currently underway. Following the Russian advance south of the Citadel, it was already encircled.
  • In the Kremenaya Forest, the Ukrainians continue to advance after recent gains and have captured additional positions.
  • According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the village of Spirne in the direction of Siversk has been captured, placing the Russians approximately 10 km from Siversk.
  • In the direction of Avdiivka, the Russians have reportedly secured larger sections of the fields west of Avdiivka, according to Ukrainian mappers. The Russian Ministry of Defense also reports the capture of the villages of Novolaksandriivka and Yevgenivka.
  • In Krasnohorivka, bloggers report that the Ukrainians have left the high-rise area due to the threat of encirclement, although this has not been visually confirmed.
  • In Karlivka, geolocated activities of the Russians have resumed, with movements observed south of the Karlivka Reservoir.