US, NATO using discredited domino theory to justify sending even more taxpayer-funded arms shipments to Ukraine

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The United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are using a discredited Cold War-era political theory to justify sending Ukraine even more weapons.

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The domino theory is the Cold War theory that justified further participation in the Vietnam War, claiming that if the North Vietnamese are not stopped, their communist ideology would spread to the rest of the region.

Author and business consultant Gerald Celente, during a conversation with Judge Andrew Napolitano, noted that Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina used the domino theory in a statement wherein he claimed that a Russian victory in Ukraine would embolden other American adversarial states.

When asked if the Republican Party-controlled House of Representatives would support Ukraine, Graham said: “The Republican Party, in my view, will not abandon Ukraine, who is trying to expel a Russian invasion that, if it were successful, would turn the world order upside down.”

Graham added that Speaker Kevin McCarthy won’t be writing “blank checks” for Ukraine, but will provide Kyiv with what it needs for the war effort.

“I’m asking for military aid to accomplish the purpose of driving Russian invaders out of Ukraine,” he said. “If Putin gets away with this, there goes Taiwan. If Putin’s successful in Ukraine and is not prosecuted under international law, everything we said since World War II becomes a joke.”

Celente and Napolitano remarked that today’s politicians are using the same rhetoric past politicians used to increase support for the Vietnam War.

“They’re selling the domino theory again, and the people keep buying it,” said Celente.

Domino theory rhetoric only benefits the military-industrial complex

Napolitano pointed out how the only sector of American society that benefits from the domino theory being used in political speeches is the military-industrial complex.

“The domino theory is what induces the United States to send military equipment from our substance, not from our surplus,” he said. “We have no surplus any more thanks to Ukraine, and that causes the military-industrial complex over here … to supply the military with more equipment.” (Related: Defense Department to boost production of artillery ammunition by 500% for Ukraine… but will take two years just to build the new factories.)

On top of the M1 Abrams main battle tanks that the U.S. is already in the process of sending to Ukraine, the country is readying an additional shipment of over $2 billion worth of military aid.

Over $400 million worth of aid will come from Presidential Drawdown Authority funds, which allows President Joe Biden to take materiel from current American military stocks. The rest will come from a fund known as the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which allows the White House to get weapons by dealing directly with the military-industrial complex.

This latest arms shipment is expected to include, for the first time, long-range munitions like the Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb, which has a range of nearly 100 miles.

The shipment is also expected to include support equipment Patriot air defense systems, precision-guided munitions, Javelin anti-tank weapons, counter-drone systems, counter artillery equipment, air surveillance radars and other munitions and arms.

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Watch this video with Gerald Celente and Judge Andrew Napolitano discussing the latest developments in Ukraine, including the ill-advised use of the domino theory to justify further arms shipments.


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