US to Send M1 Abrams to Ukraine + US-backed Terror Targets Myanmar’s Upcoming Elections

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Update for January 25, 2023: West pledges main battle tanks to Ukraine + Myanmar’s upcoming elections targeted by US-backed terrorism.

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  • Western media reports resignation of several high-level Ukrainian officials;
  • The US and Germany have pledged the M1 Abrams and Leopard 2 main battle tanks;
  • Western military experts explain that Western main battle tanks require large logistical support, years of training for a foreign army to adopt them, and have intense maintenance requirements;
  • ATACMS exist in much small numbers;
  • Ukraine admits Russia has adapted to HIMARS GMLRS rockets, making it likely that Russia will adapt to ATACMS;
  • Conversely, Russia has effectively forced Ukraine’s rear areas into neighboring countries with its missile forces;
  • The US has announced increase artillery shell production to 90k shells/month in 2 years a month, roughly half of what Ukraine uses in 15 days;
  • As the US wages proxy war in Ukraine against Russia, it does so in Myanmar against China;
  • US-backed opposition is using terrorism to impede elections in Myanmar;
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