Volchansk – The Biggest Grinder | Krasnohorivka Is Collapsing | Military Summary

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There are many rumors and various accounts circulating about the situation in Vovchansk, with few concrete pieces of evidence available. Geolocated videos confirm that the Russians are currently in full control of the aggregate plant, maintaining their positions there. The status of the supply routes remains speculative. In the high-rise area of Vovchansk, the Ukrainians are advancing north and west, securing several buildings. The Russian troops in the southern part face the risk of being encircled. The Ukrainian Troops in Citadel face the Risk of being encircled.

In Krasnohorivka, the Russians continue to advance northward, securing a high-rise building in the city center. If the Russians manage to secure the few high-rise buildings in the center, the Ukrainians will lose significant defensive positions in this area, putting them at a tactical disadvantage.