Western Escalation in Ukraine: Sending in Armor – But is it Too Little Too Late?

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Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for January 6, 2023:

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– After over a week, the Western media continues talking about Ukraine’s HIMARS strike on assembled Russian troops;

– The focus on political optics inadvertently reveals the lack of strategic and tactical importance of this strike and highlights the lopsided nature of fighting against Ukraine;

– Russia possesses many times more means and opportunities to carry out such strikes and does so nearly daily;

– Western pundits are resorting to increasingly fantastical thinking to solve what they admit is Ukraine’s inability to defeat Russia;

– France has agreed to send an unspecified number of its aging AMX-10 RC light tanks;

– The light tanks are wheeled, have light armor, and will not be able to replace the main battle tanks Ukraine has lost over the last year of fighting;

– The US is contemplating sending Bradley infantry fighting vehicles – even less capable than France’s AMX-10 RC;

– Both Western systems will require special ammunition and maintenance provisions including shipping them to the Polish border each time they break down;

– The Western systems including future transfers of even main battle tanks do not address the real deficiency Ukraine suffers from lack of artillery and long-range weapons that Russia has in abundance;

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