‘Damn Putin’ is Slowly but Surely Achieving his Goals┃EU will Never Recover from a HIT Like This

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Yesterday it became known that the German chemical industry finally ceased to exist. As predicted last fall, the deadline for the German industry was at the turn of January-February 2023. Most European inhabitants believed that all problems would disappear by themselves.

However, unfortunately, it was not the problems that began to disappear, but the German companies that supported the economy of the entire European Union.

In early February, the Linde company dissolved, having framed all its shareholders. But this is only the beginning of the terrible news. Yesterday it became known that the world’s largest chemical concern BASF ceased to exist. It closed its last two factories in Germany.

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That World’s largest chemical concern kept going to the last. However, it failed and gave its soul to God, and its factories to China and the US.