Holy Grail of Enslavement: World ID Lockdown Control Grid Pushed at G20

G20 technocrats bragged to each other about mandatory vaccine passports soon being imposed on humanity. Watch the G20 clip: G20 to adopt Vaccine Passports using ...
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Joe & Hunter Biden Implicated In Human Trafficking

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qvzeuWhjxk The US establishment is full of pedophiles, perverts, sociopathic narcissists, and just general low life scum. And it's precisely these types of scum that ...
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Klaus Schwab Reveals The Technology To Enslave Humanity Is Ready To Rollout

Watch the World Economic Founder's full speech from B20 Indonesia, the G20 meeting being hid in Asia. World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab praised ...
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Globalists Push Mass Suicide

This is a major indication of a broken society in steep decline. Many in pain are being recommended to the service known as MAID to ...
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France: NWO police attempt to intimidate protestors, protestors stand their ground and laugh in their faces lolz

In France, the French are protesting against the increase in energy prices caused by sanctions on Russia. Watch as riot police charge at the protestors, ...
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/ / France, NWO, Sanctions

Shock Poll: Nearly Half of Voters Believe ‘Secret Cabal’ Controls U.S. Government

Almost half of U.S. voters believe the federal government is controlled by a “secret cabal,” according to a new poll. The Benenson Strategy Group, headed ...
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The Dark Truth About the Pelosi Pedophilia Connections

Investigative reporter Patrick Howley breaks down the inconsistencies of the Paul Pelosi hammer attack and the dark history of the Pelosi family ...
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Leaked Documents Reveal Deep State’s Spy State Authoritarian Takeover Battle Plan

The Department of Homeland Security, FBI and other government agencies have been working closely with numerous Big Tech companies to coordinate widespread censorship operations, leaked ...
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Deep State Coordinated Massive Censorship Operations With Major Big Tech Platforms, Leaked Docs Confirm

DHS held monthly meetings with Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Wikipedia, and other platforms to coordinate "content moderation" operations before 2020 election. Government agencies circumvented the First ...
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