PENTAGON’s Worst Nightmare became Reality┃Russian Strategic Aviation enters the Game with Full FORCE

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The real panic reigns among high-ranking officers of NATO and the Pentagon. In 2023, the Russians will use “Strategic Aviation” to its full potential in the current conflict. Today, Russia’s Long-Range Aviation Commander Lieutenant-General Sergei Kobylash announced powerful strikes against the Armed Forces of Ukraine with high-precision weapons. Moreover, the Russians also began to build additional defenses for airfields of Strategic Aviation. The networks of the false runways are also being created with dummies of strategic missile carriers. Against this background, military experts are wondering what exactly are the goals that will be a priority for Russian strategic aviation in Ukraine. According to Lieutenant-General Sergei Kobylash, ”in 2023, Russia will not only continue to use the Strategic Aircraft of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) in a ”special military operation” in Ukraine but will also significantly increase the full power of their use.” Lieutenant-General Sergei Kobylash also added that the crews of strategic aircraft would actively use all the capabilities of automated control systems and onboard high-precision weapons to deliver powerful strikes against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.