Russian LANCET Drone Destroys HIMARS MLRS Along With ATACMS Missile┃KRASNOGOROVKA Is Going To FALL

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After the capture of the refractory plant in the south of Krasnogorovka by the Russian army, the situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine deteriorated sharply in this strategically important settlement. According to Ukrainian telegram channels, as of April 30, 2024, Russian troops control at least a third of the territory of this city. Moreover, on the morning of April 30, war correspondents also confirmed information that assault units of the armed forces of the Russian Federation also took control of the ‘Grand Alliance’ gas station and the adjacent high-rise building on Sovetskaya Street. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation officially confirmed the destruction of another American multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS) Himars. This time, this American missile system was destroyed in the area of Krasnyi-Lyman